What Can Lead to Glass Needing Replacement?

By | October 28, 2016

Glass is an ever-present material within homes; from tables and stylish furniture, all the way to windows and even door panels. Many home owners will overlook the condition of their windows in favour of keeping more prominent parts of a house clean, but if put under too much pressure (or if allowed to worsen after being damaged) the results can take a huge toll on the integrity of a property.

How strong is modern glass?

Glass WindowThese days, even single-paned windows will be much stronger than several panels that would have been made a couple of centuries ago. This is down to the way in which glass is manufactured, with advanced heat treatments and lamination processes now being utilised as standard. These techniques won’t make a pane impervious to damage however, but there’s a huge difference between repairable glass and that which will need replacing.

What can cause damage?

The most common cause of damage can occur when the pane is impacted by an exterior factor, such as a stray rock, or even a bird. Although these events won’t always cause the material to shatter – they can still result in chips. These chips can be repaired, especially if they are fairly small in nature. There may be times when window repair won’t be an option however; especially if the damage is a little more substantial.

It’s not just the glass that may suffer with damage; sometimes it’s the actual frame that can buckle under pressure. When this happens, the panes will often show the results of the additional pressure by either cracking, splintering, or shattering altogether – and as you can imagine, these can be some of the most dangerous incidents to have to deal with.

In any of the above events, a glazier will either attempt to repair the panel (if the situation permits), or replace it altogether – which can be a much more viable option if the pane undergoes extensive damage.

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