Tips on Things to Avoid with SEO

By | October 24, 2016

Every year, thousands of businesses in Australia turn to the services of SEO experts and similar specialists. These individuals often have some of the broadest ranges of experience relating to the search engine optimisation niche and as a result, they are more than capable of helping a website to rank highly within search engines.

The higher that your site ranks, the greater the probability of enjoying a larger audience – and this is an event that all companies and website owners will want to take advantage of. As a client, there are activities that you can engage in that won’t just slow the effects of your optimisation down; but they could also affect the outcome of your efforts.

Here are just three of them:

Personal Tampering

Your expert will be relying on some of the most advanced digital techniques to ensure that your site climbs the ranks naturally and effectively. If you begin modifying your website, changing URLs, or engaging in activities that your expert doesn’t know about, then this could end up drastically affecting the ranking of your website.

Pushy Deadlines

If results are being promised in a week’s time, then the fact is that you are being lied to by a potentially bad ‘expert’. The key to ranking is to focus on organic, healthy growth over a period of time – anything less can result in a penalty, or complete de-listing from search engines like Google. A good idea of timeframe will be between six and nine months before ideal results are experienced, but it is possible to see improvements after just the first month of ranking.

Unrealistic Expectations

When it comes to optimisation, the last thing that you’ll want to do is to set yourself unrealistic goals. There are some websites that enjoy literally thousands of dollars a day in profit as a result of ranking highly within search results; but getting there will take time, effort and a financial investment. No-one’s saying that you won’t see these results, but the likelihood of them happening in the space of a few days is simply unrealistic, to say the least.